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Lost Fiat Car Keys

Replacement Fiat Keys

Fiat Auto LocksmithWhether you own the classic old Fiat models like Fiat Argenta that uses the standard car key, or modern Fiat Toro, or Fiat Panda that uses the modern transponder chip key, Auto Locksmith Fiat has all the expertise and experience you need in event of lost or broken car keys. Our Fiat car keys services have been categorized into four categories which are:

Broken keys Fiat services– Our highly qualified key experts will help you to extract your broken car key without causing further damage to the door lock or the ignition. The extracted key may be repaired, or a new one cut as you wait by the road side.

Lost keys Fiat services – Cases of misplaced or stolen keys are common in Slough area. If you cannot trace your Fiat vehicle keys, call Auto Locksmith Fiat for instant solutions that will save you money and time.

Replacement keys Fiat services – Our Fait specialized technicians will cut a new key using the latest and modern locksmith tools on the spot. Whether you have lost the keys, or you just need a spare keys for a bad night, our key engineers will have it done for you at the fairest price within Slough area.

Fiat Transponder Programming – Modern Fiat models comes with a transponder key chip that needs to be programmed with the mobilizer system for the key to work. We use the driver’s manual and the latest computer software to program your transponder key to your Fiat car.

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