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Lost Land Rover Car Keys

Replacement Land Rover Keys

Land Rover Auto LocksmithMost Land Rover vehicles, especially the latest models use the transponder key that has a chip which has been programed with the ignition and the door lock. The ignition must receive the correct signals from the transponder chip for the car to start successfully. This makes it impossible for the car to start unless the correct key is used. This technology is good for your car security, but it comes with a new challenge for most local lock smiths.

If you are looking for a locksmith who can solve all your Land Rover car key issues in Slough area, then Auto Locksmith Land Rover is your right choice. We have technical knowhow for all Land Rover key related problems including:

  • Car key repairs – For damaged or broken car keys.
  • Land Rover key Programming – Involves performing Transponder Programming using the latest software and equipment.
  • Replacement keys – for lost, stolen or damaged keys. If your key is not working it may require replacement.
  • Emergency lockout response – Less than 20 minute response to lockout or key lock-ins emergences.

We stand just a call away from you and our Land Rover key gurus will be right there with you with an assured solution.

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