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Lost Rover Car Keys

Replacement Rover Keys

Rover Auto LocksmithWe specialise in car keys for different Rover models. Rover car keys use many immobilisation systems and this makes it very tricky for inexperienced car key dealers. Fortunately, we are specialists and have software and equipment to help us replace your Rover car keys.

We use Rover dealer software to cut and program your spare key. We are specialists in flip, remote/fob or standard key and we can create your key as you wait.

There is a misconception about Rover car keys: that you need an ignition barrel, an ECU and locks to make a new key for your Rover. That is not true; we can create a new key for you without the three things and render your old broken key useless.

Please do not buy second hand Rover keys because they cannot be programed for use in another car apart from the original vehicle. As a fact, the key has a transponder, which can only be programed once then it is locked out. 

We offer our services either from our shop, or we can create the key by coming to your car, gain access to it and create a key for your Rover wherever you are located in Slough area.

Do you have any question or would you like us to create a new Rover car key for you? Contact us today. 

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