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Broken Car Keys Slough | Auto Locksmith Slough

Broken Car Keys Slough | Auto Locksmith Slough

Your car key can get broken independently or inside the ignition or the door lock. Depending on the broken part, the key maybe repaired or replace but either of the option will require the expertise of a qualified locksmith. Extracting the broken key is always technical and you may sink the key even deeper or completely damage the key. We are experts in broken key extraction, repair and replacement when need be. Our technicians are just a call away and they are in strategic points around Slough area to ensure quick response. The experienced key engineers use modern tools and mechanisms to extract your key, or cut a new key for your car making the sophisticated process look so simple.

Don’t panic or try to turn the key using pliers, this may ruin the key and you may end up spending more than necessary. Let our equipped and proficient technicians handle the issue. The technicians will first analyze the broken key and make decision whether to replace or repair the key. Either decision will ensure that the key works perfectly and no more damages will be caused. We employ special magnets or a set of needle nose pliers to pull out the broken key and cut a new car key, a process that will take only a few minutes, precisely less than 30 minutes. For security purposes, our team will have to confirm your identity before extracting and replacing the car key.

We have experts who can handle Japanese, French, German and European made cars of different models. We cannot statistically say how many Broken Keys we have replaced or repaired per year, but we have repaired and successfully replaced broken keys for Subaru, Lexus, Jeep, Skoda, Suzuki and Nissan among other car makes and models. We are ready to respond to your call within 15 minutes or so irrespective of your location in Slough area. Our widespread experience in broken key extraction and replacement place us at the leading brim in the industry. You are guaranteed of a quality and durable new key that is programmed to function properly with your car. Our technicians are on move on a 24-7 basis and they deliver the most appropriate solution on spot.

Most locksmith service providers will often claim to offer quality services and charge high key replacement fees, but end up not solving the problem at hand. Broken Keys Slough is never a gamble and our fees are considerably low and affordable. We ensure that our customers are served and treated with respect and are fully satisfied. We get many referral customers referred to us by our previous customers as a result of our quality broken key extraction and replacement services. We always carry a key programming tool, we leave the site once your key has been extracted and the new key cut and programmed so that you can normally open and lock your car without any hassles. We operate in all areas of Slough including: Uxbridge, High Wycombe, Egham, Hounslow, and Hayes.

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